Image Scaling Settings

Select Scale Image to access image scaling settings.

Image scaling settings

The add-in will automatically resize an image if the size of the image does not correspond to the size of the slider. The resized version of the image will be saved next to the original one with the '_banner' suffix added to its file name.


Select the method of images scaling.

Shrink to Fit
Images are scaled to fit the slider dimensions without being cropped. Margins are filled with the selected color.
Crop to Fit
This option crops your images to match the image/banner slider dimensions. Your images will be cropped to ensure that the entire space is filled.

For example:

Image size is 360x240px and slider size is 320x190px

Scale image

After scaling with the Shrink to Fit method the image will look like:

Srink to Fit

After scaling with the Crop to Fit method the image will look like:

Crop to Fit

Background color

Color used to fill in the margins when Shrink to Fit scaling method is selected.

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