Navigation Buttons Style

Select Navigation Buttons to access navigation buttons style settings.

Navigation Buttons Style


Turns navigation buttons on and off.


Specifies the height of the buttons.


Specifies the width of the buttons.


Turns buttons border on and off.

Background color

Turns buttons background on and off.


Allows to use images for the navigation buttons.

Number buttons

When set, the buttons will display numbers of the images inside them.


Specifies the font face.


Defines the font size in pixels.

Bold, Italic, Underline

Specifies text weight, style, and decoration.

(Text) Color

Sets the text color.

Normal and Current colors and background images

Different sets of colors and background images can be defined for the normal and for the current states of buttons. Colors and background images of a button will switch to the current values when the mouse is over it or when the image associated with the button is being displayed, and back to normal when another image is displayed.

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