General Settings

Select General to access general settings.

General settings

Image/Banner Slider Size

Determines the size with which the images will be displayed.

Hint: It is recommended that all the images used in the Image Banner Slider are of the same size and the Image Size is set in accordance with the actual size of the images.


Specifies the maximum width of the slider


Specifies the minimum width of the slider


Specifies the maximum height of the slider

Auto play

Set to automatically play the slider.

Pause on mouseover

Set to stop playing when the mouse is over the slider.

Random play order

Set to display images in random order.


Sets CSS3 shadow around the slider.

Center Image/Banner Slider

Set to center the slider on the page.

Background color

The color of the slider's background. The background can be seen when the navigation bar position is set to Above or Below.

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