Editing General Settings

Select General to access general settings.



Specifies the stack level of the lightbox. A lightbox with higher z-index will apear in front of HTML elements with lower z-index.

Background color

The color of the lightbox's background.

'Loading...' image

The 'loading' state image that will be displayed while the lightbox's content is being downloaded.

Single link per gallery

Set if you want the gallery to be represented by a single thumbnail (link). Thumbnail (link) of the first image in the gallery will be used.

Center thumbnails (links)

Set to center thumbnails (links) on the page.

Use zoom cursor

Set to make the mouse cursor change to the zoom-in image zoom in cursor when over a thumbnail and to the zoom-out image zoom out cursor when over the lightbox.

Auto open on page load

Set to automatically open the lightbox when the page is loaded.

Thumbnails (links) margin

Defines the size of the margin around a thumbnail.

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