Editing Individual Items

Click on an item you want to edit in the treeview to access individual item settings.

Menu Editor


There are two types of items you can select from: regular items and headings.

Regular Item
Most items in a menu would usually be regular items. Regular items can link to other pages or resources. They can also parent drop down menus.
Headings are used to give a title to a group of items. Headings cannot contain a link or parent drop down menus.


Specifies text that will appear in the menu item.


Specifies URL (e.g. a web page) that will be opened when the item is clicked.


An optional parameter specifying a frame or browser window where the page will be opened. You can select one of the predefined options, or type in your own.

The page will be displayed in a new, unnamed window.
The page will be displayed in the parent of the current frame.
The page will be displayed in the same frame.
The page will be displayed in the full original window, canceling all frames.


Sets a title attribute for a link. A title adds information about the nature of a link. This information may be spoken by a user agent, rendered as a tool tip, cause a change in cursor image, etc.

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