Specifying Headings Size

Switch to the Size & Position tab of the Top Menu -> Headings or Submenu -> Headings panel to access headings size properties.

Headings Size & Position

The following diagram helps in understanding the size settings:

Items size diagram


Specifies the width of the items. For a horizontally oriented level the width setting can either be on or off. When off, the width of each item will automatically adjust to the space taken by text inside this particular item. When on, all items will have same explicitly defined width. In vertical levels all items have same width that should be defined explicitly.


Specifies the height of the headings. When off, the height of the headings is set automatically based on the font size. When on, the height is set to the specified value.


Specifies interval between the group of all items and the outer boundary of the menu.


Specifies interval between items.

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